How Quora Space Can Become A Hub Of All Things Tech

2 min readAug 14, 2021

If you don’t know what Quora is- it is a very sophisticated social media platform expanding knowledge base via questions and answers.

I have been writing on Quora since 2014 without a specific goal or agenda, simply because I love this platform so much. It is good to spend time browsing Quora's feed rather than any other social media outlet because it helps me stay connected with the topics which matter to me while I get to read other writers’ perspectives. On top of it, I believe my own writing has improved a lot over the years. That is partly because of Quora. I have developed a distinct style of simplistic and brief writing, which helps me get to my point easily. And that is because I have written thousands of answers on the Quora Platform, and the longest of them never spanned more than a few paragraphs. At one point, I was also selected as one of the top writers on Quora, but that is a separate story.

In the last few years, Quora has introduced space. Although some users found this feature to be redundant, I actually loved it. I always thought I wish I could have a more “niche” based area within Quora where I can focus my passion. And a Quora space can exactly be that. I was one of the selected few users who have had access to the space feature before it rolled out to every user in Quora.

But just a few days ago, Quora has added a subscription feature to Quora spaces which enables Quora space owners/admins to charge monthly subscription fees for exclusive content, plus now Quora spaces can also make money from ads.

While you can make any niche-based space on Quora, but technology-related spaces usually do very well there.

For example, I started my Quora space named STEM Entrepreneurship to create a STEM, Tech, and Entrepreneurship community. Not only I, but many contributors share their content daily there. Being a full-time professional (a senior-level electrical engineer as of right now), I hardly have time to maintain my hobbies. But this particular space has really grown so much without much of my supervision.

So if you are not a Quoran (Quora user) yet, head over to Quora to write and read questions and answers, create spaces that you love, and even earn money from it. It has never been better to earn revenues from the passion or hobbies you love. If you are an avid reader or writer, then Quora is a platform for you. So join today.







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